Vinitaly (April 2016, from 10 to 13) is a not-to-be missed event for all lovers of wine Made in Italy. The exhibition has been held since 1967 and every year, it hosts producers, distributors, restaurateurs, and opinion leaders in the wine sector from all over the world. You can expect over 50 themed tastings of Italian and international wines; a series of interesting talks; and exposition areas dedicated to emerging producers.

Angelini Azienda-Torti Badia-di-Morrona Baracchi Ca-Brusà Capezzana Carpineto Castellargo Castello-delle-Regine Castello-di-Luzzano Drusian Drusian2 Piandaccoli Ricci-Curbastro Ricci-Curbastro2 Tenuta-di-Trecciano Tenuta-Vallocaia Umani-Ronchi Zisola 12998519_10209202725888031_636383350919521156_n 13000298_10209202733088211_5340548211373184358_n 13007225_10209202732648200_3260009429782778537_n 13007288_10209202725488021_5998617397072340179_n 13015311_10209202732088186_7749214961129901181_n